Dan Bremnes Review

Scott Snavely with Dan Bremnes October 2015

Scott Snavely with
Dan Bremnes
October 2015

Dan Bremnes

“Where the Light Is”

Following up on the initial “independent” release of the album “Your Strength”; Christian Canadian artist, Dan Bremnes, released “Where the Light Is” in June 2015.

Where the Light is was published by Sparrow/Capital CMG records giving Bremnes the needed boost to showcase his talent.  Born into music as a drummer; Bremnes eventually mastered playing guitar and songwriting.  Since “Where the Light Is” release; Bremnes and his family have relocated from British Columbia to Nashville, TN.

The first song on his latest release; the title track “Where the Light Is” talks about the rough times Dan has had to ensure, including the death of his mother in an auto accident, while praying to an unseen God. Powerful words and vocals lace this destined to be a hit song.  The chorus “God come quickly, only you can save me, lead me where the light is”; talks about searching for God’s light when we are in our darkest places.

The second track, Beautiful, has been released as a single.  It talks about giving everything over to God who has opened Dan’s eyes to all the beautiful things around him.  “You changed me from what I used to be, opened my eyes, now I can see, you’re making this life so beautiful” talks about Dan’s embracing God’s word, wisdom, direction.  This which he discovered while on a 6-month mission trip to Australia.  Dan would say this would change him and subsequently dedicate himself to having others follow God through his music.

“He Knows” is a beautiful piano based ballad which talks about He Knows “the battles you’ve been going through and when it feels like you’re holding the world on your shoulders”.  He Knows showcases Bremnes soaring vocals and tight sounding instrument playing.

“It’s Over” talks about how the cross has given us a chance to turn the page and start over again tomorrow. “Yesterday has washed away, it’s over”.  Excellent and relevant lyrics written by Bremnes for this song as well as all the other songs he has written on this release.

When I first saw Dan perform, with Sidewalk Profits and Tenth Avenue North, in late 2015; I was impressed with his “two man band” approach.  The music was upbeat with great rhythms and had everyone clapping to the music.  While appearing as a backup band to two other bands; there was no doubt Bremnes would be around touring for some time.